Store temporary closure

Just a quick news update...

Im closing the shop for a couple weeks while I prepare and move into our new house and set up my new workshops, so to all those that have copters just send me a pm on Facebook or email me if you need anything please.

Sorry for any delays if you need a copter, I just dont have enough arms to move and build them the same time.

Cheers Haydn

New Products avaiable in the store

We now have a limited number of F1 250 Race Quads available in various colours, spare parts will soon be availlable in these colours so you can upgrade your own quads.

Check out the Online Store for more details

We also now stock BLHeli 20A speed controllers and DYS 2000kV motors.

International Drone Day 2015

Spent the day at ProFlight UK in Halifax at the International Drone Day. 

Got some great feedback on the models currently available.

New Pilot to join the Australian team

Great News..... 

We would like to welcome 11 year old Rudi Browning to our Pilot team in Australia. 

Rudi will be flying the Wolf 800 to flex his already strong growing wings on. 

Thanx to Rudi's family as well for their support, this would not be possible without them, Special thanx to Rudi's dad, Guy, who spent the day assembling the heli and learning the ropes on the 800.

Article in Model Helicopter World about the SuperAva 1000

I paid a visit to the Eagle RC Helicopter Club 's funfly back in April 2013 and met up with some friends.

While I was there I met a guy called Mike Eddlington, who was taking some pics of Jon's SuperAva 1000. 

After have a chat with him and letting him have a bit of a fly about with mine, it turned out he worked for Model Helicopter World and would be doing a write up on the event and agreed to do bit on the heli.

For those that have a copy of the August Issue it's on pages 66 - 69, "3D Kaos - A trip further “up north” for a fly-in and a chance to fly new special models by Mike Eddington".

For those who want a copy, it's avaialable at most WH Smith shops or online at

For those who just want to read the article then here it is.