All Full Pitch Models are "E" powered and utilise many outsourced parts that are available from your local hobby stores world wide,so in case of a bingle you can be up and flying the same day in most countries...

The Kits that we supply are to rebuild old and tired "Smokers" or nitro models and give them a new face and lease on life in terms of power and flight caracteristics !

500 Class

MiniVolt 5

600 Class

Volt 6

700 Class

Volt 7
Wolf 7

800 Class

MegaVolt 8
WereWolf 8

1000 Class

SuperAva 1000
Wolf 1K

SuperAva 1000, WereWolf 800, Volt 7, Volt 6, 500 MiniVolt.

Full Pitch has manufactured all these models before but will be making the 1000 sized helicopter as it's main focus point along with the new quad copters. All models are available to specially order, please contact us for any more information.

1000 Class Helicopters

Spec Boom: 1100mm
Blades: 1000mm long
Rotor disc: 2200mm
Overall length: 2500mm
Flight weight: 6.6Kg

That's one very large 3D capable helicopter !!!